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Our unique approach to transforming ideas into online innovations ensures that startups have a better chance of success through tried-and-tested methods. From conducting pre-launch market research to identifying viable revenue streams and acquiring funding, J2 Network is able to provide the support and services for startups and established ventures wanting to take their business to the next level.

Facts About us

J2 Network was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California. Today our network of in-house and partner websites has a combined monthly reach of 2.3 million internet users across the globe.

2300000Global Users
450000United Kingdom

Our Services

Revenue Streams

We help you identify and implement monetization strategies to turn your online innovation into a profitable business venture.

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Ideas to Innovations

Our expertise can transform your idea into an online innovation that is ready for your target market, regionally and internationally.

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Startup Funding

Before settling for bootstrapping or crowdfunding, we may be able to offer you alternative funding options for your startup.

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Our Network

Our network extends across number of different sectors, from health and education to technology, retail and B2B services. Here are few examples of our in-house properties and partner ventures.

CSS3 Gen
CSS3 Gen

A portal for websites designers with online tools for generating CSS3 elements. Convenient, quick and accurate auto-generated code as required.

CSS3 Gen
Women's Health

A women’s health website with a community of on-site and social media users and content centered around common female medical issues.

Health Hype
Health Hype

A patient-oriented medical website with simple answers and explanations to complex medical concepts. Our team consists of medical professionals with a flair for consumer health

Health Hype


Our clients who have used our services are now independent online businesses. We have been instrumental in various phases of planning and implementation with many clients.

gated list

An inventory sourcing platform for resellers using the Amazon FBA distribution system.
Senior Health Logo

Senior Health 365

A medical website dedicated to senior citizens’ health issues.
FBA Logo

FBA Seller List

An inventory sourcing platform for resellers using the Amazon FBA distribution system.
EduCenter Logo

Edu Center

An education website dedicated to helping high school graduates make informed choices.

"We are all now connected by the internet like neurons in a giant brain." - Stephen Hawking

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Whether it is an idea, a work-in-progress project, or a fully functioning operation, we can help you make it into the business of your dreams.

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Our Clients

  • Senior Health 365
  • Phaa
  • Health Hype
  • FBA Seller List

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We are located in the heart of the internet revolution, San Francisco, within The Golden State of California.

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